Bennat Berger | Cofounder and Principal

Novel Property Ventures

Over the course of his career, Bennat Berger has made a name for himself as a multifamily real estate expert, entrepreneur, private equity investor, and tech writer in New York City. Though his efforts span several fields and interests, he is perhaps best-known as the founder of Novel Property Ventures, a real estate firm that specializes in identifying and managing high-potential multifamily residential units in New York. He is also the founder and managing partner at the Novel Private Equity, a tech-centered investment firm that invests in many fields, from experiential retail to entertainment to supermarket technologies. Bennat’s articles about innovative technology and its impact on business and culture have been featured in Fortune, The NextWeb, and VentureBeat, among others.

Early Life and Education

A New York native, Bennat Berger spent much of his early life in the city. At the age of twelve, he relocated to San Diego and finished his secondary school years at Torrey Pines High. Following his graduation, Bennat returned to the East Coast to pursue his undergraduate degree in literature and creative writing at Dartmouth University. While in college, Bennat wrote for the Dartmouth Free Press where he won an award for his short fiction. He also served in a leadership capacity for Dartmouth College Hillel’s Project Preservation, twice directing trips to restore Jewish cemeteries that had been destroyed in the Ukraine and Belarus during Nazi occupation. Shortly following his graduation, Bennat returned to his home of New York to begin his career in real estate.

Career Beginnings and Novel Property Ventures

During the early years of his career, Bennat Berger spent time working at a law firm and construction company before accepting a job as the director of development for Quantum Partners. While in that role, he was responsible for overseeing construction of the Tempo Building, a 20-story condominium tower that encompassed 98 luxury units in Gramercy Park, Manhattan. Bennat’s time at Quantum proved to be a stepping-stone in his career; after his time with the company came to a close, he furthered his career at Kushner Companies and, later, his own company, Novel Property Ventures.

Bennat Berger co-founded Novel Property Ventures in 2011. He purchased the firm’s first buildings that same year, launching a still-current pattern of savvy real estate acquisitions and management. His first building, a 70,000-square-foot mixed-use retail and residential block known as Atlantic Gardens, lay nearby the then-unfinished Barclays Center.

Bennat and his team at Novel grown the portfolio to over 70 buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn along with a substantial portfolio in Northern New Jersey and Florida. More information on Bennat and Novel Property Ventures is available at

Novel Private Equity

In 2016, Bennat Berger founded Novel Private Equity, an investment firm dedicated to supporting meaningful, tech-centered innovations. To date, Bennat has invested in a diverse cohort of industries such as entertainment, experiential retail, and supermarket-centric technology.

The firm’s most recent work is with the grocery-centered app Swiftly Systems, which provides brick-and-mortar retailers and grocers the data-driven tools and insights they need to be competitive against e-retailer giants. In 2018, Novel Private Equity led Swiftly Systems through a $15.6 million seed funding round.

Tech-centric Writing

Bennat Berger has long been interested in how innovative tech intersects with, disrupts, and improves the business landscape. His articles can be found on FortuneVentureBeatEntrepreneurScoreThe Next Web, and TechCrunch, among others.